I’ve fallen off the wagon a little.

Or a lot.

Life’s been getting busier and I’ve been eating more and not exercising

Most of my bad habits have made a comeback

I can FEEL myself putting on weight.

Last I checked I was around 209lbs (3 days ago)


Tried controlling it the past 3 days and failed miserably on all 3 days.

Need to do a U-turn before I end up right where I started.


Week 18: 206.2lbs (-9.8lbs)

Average kCal/day: 1853 and exercised 0 out of 7 days

I feel like giving up. I feel bloated and completely unmotivated. There is no way the weight will go off any more. It’s just limbo-ing around!

Not sure what to do. Fed up.

Week 17: 205.6lbs (-10.4lbs)

Average kCal/day: 2116 and exercised 3 out of 7 days

I got back into exercising! It’s better than nothing and there has been a loss this week. This week I’m planning to go back to watching my calories as my current consumption level is more “maintenance” than “fat loss”

Feels like I’m making progress once again. I’ve been in limbo the past few weeks and I need to get back into focusing on my health and my body.

Week 16: 206.2lbs (-9.8lbs)

Average kCal/day: 1947 and exercised 0 out of 7 days

This week has been one of the toughest weeks of my life. In fact, I can’t remember feeling like this at all for a long time. I turned to food and it nourished me. I practised self-care and reached out to those who could help.

I don’t care what the scales say this week. The fact I have survived and am standing is enough of an achievement.


After this week, I exercised today for the first time in about 5 weeks. What started off as a mild knee injury turned into a difficult spiral downwards. I ran 8.5km on the cross trainer in 20 minutes today. I did some weights and toning exercises.

Today feels like a new day. A better start. Going to keep going, one step in front of the other.

Week 15: 204.6lbs (-11.4lbs)

A loss?! I have decided my body is a mystery – I mean, look at the stats:

Average kCal/day: 2024 and exercised 0 out of 7 days

I feel exhausted all the time and my blood tests all came back normal.

I’m starting to think this may be related to stress or being stuck in a rut with my mood. Going to catch an early night and get some good quality sleep. If I’m up for it, I’m getting back into exercising tomorrow. Perhaps that will bring my energy levels up a bit.


Week 14: 205.2lbs (-10.8lbs)

Average kCal/day: 1714 and exercised 0 out of 7 days


So yesterday I weighed myself and I *swear* I was 203.5lbs – thinking this is going to be a good morning I weighed myself for “Weigh-In-Wednesday” and SOMEHOW I am back to what I weighed last week.

I’ve had an awful day and I did binge eat today for the first time in a long time. I suppose the “positive” is that I was going to indulge in a takeaway but refrained from doing so and visited the supermarket instead (mainly to save money… a tenner goes a long way in a supermarket compared to a takeaway)

I’ve eaten just under 3000kCal today.

Of which 2000 were in the past 2 hours.

The monster has been let out of her cage and is now safely back inside again.

Urgh. Quite frankly I feel guilty, fatigued and OVERFILLED.

I’ve finally made an appointment to see the Doc about my tiredness to check if it’s anaemia or my thyroid again (or just simply stress and laziness which I suspect are bigger contributers)

I have no motivation to exercise any more. I’ve “rested” my knees longer than I intended to several weeks ago. My cross-trainer has simply been gathering dust over the past fortnight.

I need to get out of this funk.

Week 13: 205.2lbs (-10.8lbs)

It feels like I’m in a bit of a limbo with my weight these past few weeks, partly down to lack of exercise, partly down to odd work shift patterns these past few days. Still, managed to keep my calories down and it’s shown on the scales.

Average kCal/day: 1546 exercised 0 out of 7 days


V.tired so will keep it short today. Need to do some catching up as I’ve fallen from my 1lb/week goal – must restart exercising again this week.

Toodles for now!