Week 8: 209lbs (-7lbs)

I have a confession to make…

I overate two out of 7 days this week. Both times were around 3000kCal.

They both happened late in the evening, I’d reached my ideal calorie goal and somehow I felt bored/stressed/hungry and on one occasion I scoffed on too many biscuits and the other I ordered a pizza (not just any pizza, a LARGE STUFFED CRUST pizza)

*hangs head in shame*

So here we go…

Average kCal/day: 1984 and exercised 2 out of 7 days

Right…and the scales say….

Hmm…not bad, almost a maintenance. However if I’m aiming to lose 1lb per week, I’m now a week behind.

Lesson of the week: One bad day does not mean you quit

In the past, one bad mistake would lead to the whole week being sabotaged and me making false promises to myself to “try again on Monday” (why is it always a Monday for starting new diets?) Not anymore, one bad day means a small blip and you carry on the following day.

I’ll admit I was worried that my overeating would go out of control again, especially as it occurred twice this week. Somehow I did reign it in, but it was a close shave to that downward scoffing spiral that I did not want to go down again.

I read somewhere that your willpower decreases during the evening. It’s like a muscle getting tired after working out all day. Also as an “emotional eater” I think I need to be more aware of my feelings and find more constructive things to do when I’m stressed or bored – like drinking green tea, or distracting myself with a TV show or new book.

Non-scale victory of the week: First takeaway in 8 weeks

I’ve managed 8 weeks without ordering a takeaway, of course I did give in to the urge this week – but it’s a lot better than 2-3 takeaways/week. If I can limit myself to around 1 takeaway every other month then that’s LOTS better than what I was doing before I started right? Somehow this has become my non-scale victory of the week… I think I’ll order from that new Indian takeaway in June… (kidding!)

Next goal: Weigh under 200lbs


Week 7: 209.2lbs (-6.8lbs)

Average kCal/day: 1661 and exercised 1 out of 7 days

So the inevitable has happened. My weight has gone UP by 0.4lbs. I realise this is mainly because we went out to eat over the weekend, and that I have done little to no exercise over the past 7 days.

It’s been a tough week and I’m exhausted mentally, physically and emotionally. There have been lots of life and work decisions made and it has taken it’s toll.

Lesson of the week: The weight-loss/confidence-gain journey will have ups and downs

It would be unrealistic to expect myself to lose 1 lb per week with no hiccups, that’s not how life works. Just need to take one week at a time and learn from each step.

Non-scale victory of the week: Recognising I need a break

As in a day off. I’ve worked flat-out for the past 2 weeks with no real “me-time”. So, to rectify this, I’ve scheduled one for this Sunday. An entire day blocked out with NO plans at all and a Saturday filled with leisurely shopping methinks.

Week 6: 208.8lbs (-7.2lbs)

This week has been a toughie, I’ve been swamped with work and life stuff. I’m hoping this means the extra stress has led to some lbs being shaved off. It’s meant there have been at least 3 days this week where I *could* have exercised but have not, hence there only being 2 days of exercise.

Let’s look at the stats and step on the scales shall we?

Average kCal/day: 1599 and exercised 2 out of 7 days

So after 6 weeks I have finally reached the “lost half a stone” point! Sometimes I think it’s a lot of hard work for slow progress but then I keep reminding myself that the weight did not pile on overnight, so I can’t expect to lose it healthily overnight.

Lesson of the week: Habit-breaking is hard work, but you’re nearly there!

I read somewhere it takes on average 66 days to make a new habit stick. By that definition all this reduced calories and exercising should become second nature at about week 10. Yes there are still urges to eat things like muffins or chocolate bars. Yes I still crave a stuffed crust pizza or burger. I do take exercise a bit loosely and if I’m not up to it, quite easily avoid it.

Yet somehow I’m able to control my hunger better than I ever have done in my entire life. I don’t feel hungry, I stick to around about my calorie limit (1600 – which this week has been a perfect 1599!)

The BBC iWonder website suggests I need 2300 kCal to maintain my weight. That means each day I’ve saved 700kCal each day!

Oddly if  I mean WHEN I get to a BMI that is finally in the “healthy” category I will need 2000kCal to maintain this. (Technically 1992 but hey, let’s not get too bogged down with the minutiae shall we?)

Isn’t math fun!

Related image

Non-scale victory of the week: I resisted the takeaway option

In the past when I got home and was stressed out, there was one thing I would do – without fail at least once a week (sometimes ashamedly up to 5 times a week) and that was order a takeaway. Food was healing and I wanted it’s temporary comfort. Of course this was often followed by guilt and starving myself the next day…until it got to the evening and I felt hungry enough to order another takeaway with >2000kCal.

This week I got home from a stressful day and found a takeaway menu in my postbox and whilst my instinct was to read through it and plan my order out – I didn’t. I put it to one side and ate my planned meal, sticking to my calorie count as best I could.

*High five’s self*

Next goal: Weigh under 200lbs

Week 5: 209.2lbs (-6.8lbs)

I spent Easter weekend with the folks, and overall it was great to catch-up with the family. Unfortunately on Sunday EVERYONE went out for a last-minute meal (when I had already reached my calories for the day) and so I tagged along and ended up ingesting over 2500kCal in total for that day. *facepalm*

It’s ok to have a cheat day here and there, but I’ve also done ZERO exercise for a week too. There are no excuses. This week has been a total write-off. Let’s see the stats:

Average kCal/day: 1702 and exercised 0 out of 7 days

I’ve calculated that my BMR (essentially the number of kCal I burn just existing) is 1726, so I suppose that is something. I’m sure I did more than just exist this week…right?

Now…time to step on the scales…

*Steps on and off again to check*

Hmmm…0.2lbs less than last week? Wow. Not going to lie – was expecting a big gain this week, or maintenance. Still, a loss is a step in the right direction.

Lesson of the week: Holidays may be tough times to stick to calories.

I’m not sure what to add to this lesson, ideally I’d like to think of a way to help. I’m due to go on holiday abroad in a few months so it would be great to think I can stick to my calories that week…but I suppose having an off-week here or there is better than having an off-month or off-year. Maybe it’s about accepting that you will eat more for Christmas or Diwali than you will do on a random Tuesday in September.

Non-scale victory of the week: I won a squat challenge

My sibling was showing me how they do squats as part of their new fitness fad and I, weighing about 1.5 times their weight, managed to do more squats than them (may be because part of my exercise routine includes 50 squats)…  Yay! I won! (Not that it was a competition or anything…)

Next goal: Weigh under 200lbs

Week 4: 209.4lbs (-6.6lbs)

Like the new feature? I feel it is important to know how many lbs I have lost in total to help me gain perspective on how far I’ve progressed.

I wasn’t expecting a massive change this week, especially when looking at the stats:

Average kCal/day: 1627 and exercised 3 out of 7 days

In fact, I was expecting to maintain my weight, so it was a pleasant surprise to have lost 0.4lbs!

Lesson of the week: Allow yourself to be ill

I’ve started to accept that this weight-loss/confidence-gain journey is going to be full of ups and downs. It’s not going to be a linear process and there will be hiccups as life goes on. There will be celebrations where you eat a bit more, or you’ll be ill and not feel like exercising. Just got to ride this roller coaster and see where it takes you.

Non-scale victory of the week: I’ve noticed my clothes starting to fit me better

E.g. There is one long shirt which was a bit… *snug* a month ago (around the hip area) which is now more comfortable now (ie. I can do up the bottom buttons without fear they will pop open) High five!

Still not *quite* the half stone mark I was aiming for, but the past 4 weeks have been really insightful into learning about my eating habits (too many carbs and not enough protein) and logging exercise. Still, each week I’m closer and closer to being out of Club 200!

Next goal: Weigh under 200lbs

Let It Go

Yesterday I was ill with some sort of plague…(or virus)…either way, I felt rubbish.

Anyway, I ate just over 2000 kCal.

I didn’t feel guilty, I felt relieved. I had a throbbing headache, a temperature and felt so tired. Knowing I had a tummy full of warm nourishing food helped me get some sleep and gave me the extra strength to recover ready for work on Monday.

As much as I’m aware this week’s weigh-in will be horrific, I don’t care. I needed those calories and yes, I still feel rubbish today, but I feel a whole darn better than last night.

Sometimes you got to do an Elsa and…

Image result for let it go gif


This past 36 hours have been the most demotivated ones of the past few weeks.

I feel that I exercised 4 times last week and ate well below my calorie allowance and still only lost ONE pound for my weigh-in. It just feels a bit like all the effort I put in was for such a small loss.

I know, I know, overall it’s a win because that’s 6lbs in 2.5 weeks. It just feels like such a tiny amount. I realise it’s small steps and (let’s face it) the weight didn’t go on overnight so I can’t expect to lose it overnight.

Then all the negative thoughts popped into my head today, all those nasty comments people have made about my size in the past came flooding back and it really upset me.

I skipped exercise yesterday as I just wanted to rest for a bit, but did do my usual routine today. SOMEHOW I also managed to avoid binge-eating and stuck to my calories.

Previously, when I was sad I would eat. In fact, any emotion was resolved by food. Happiness, tiredness, boredom, stress… you name it, I ate to fix it.

It’s still really hard. I feel if someone put a pizza or cheesy chips in front of me now, I would struggle to control myself from eating this awful feeling away.

Hoping this passes soon.